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Every teacher at Kula yoga is highly trained, highly qualified, and highly loved.
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Down dog is my favorite pose to teach because it's a full-body workout and resting pose, all in on one. There are also countless modifications to ease or advance the pose.


I like to teach Warrior II, because it is a strong pose.  It involves all of the body and the focal point is important. It also looks amazing when everyone is doing it correctly in a class.


My favorite pose to teach is Vrikshasana - Tree Pose because everyone needs to find a stable deeply rooted tree to take refuge during life's ups and downs.


My favorite pose to teach is balasana. I love this pose because it requires us to release into the hips, melt open the heart space and touch the forehead to the earth, humbling the ego.


I love teaching Warrior 2 because it is a pose that really displays an expression of confidence, strength, stretching your wings, and perseverance. 


I like teaching legs up the wall because I struggled with it when I first started, but now it’s my “go to pose”. It can help so many different things! I’ve had chronic low back pain for years & it really helped alleviate it.

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I love teaching Sirsasana, Head Stand. Is about stepping out of your comfort zone to see things from another perspective. Its playful, challenging, energizing and there are variations for all abilities.

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Emily is passionate about offering yoga for all bodies and abilities, and as a larger-bodied practitioner, she is a proud graduate of the Yoga For All Training with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes. She is also trained in Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, and Chair Yoga.

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Mishara completed her 200HR certified yoga training in Bali, Indonesia with Asia Pacific Yoga, and her 300HR with Ignite Yoga, in Litchfield Park. She has been teaching a variety of content, demographics and age levels since 2012. 


My favorite pose to teach is savasana because it is the grace of our efforts at the end of class. It requires only presence and is the truest embodiment of the self.