The word on the street

ku·la /ˈko͞olə/ (noun): Sanskrit for tribe, community, or family

“I love Kula Yoga. The studio was recommended by my hiking friends; I gave it a try and fell in love. It's such a comfort to know I can come and relax after a hectic day or start off my day with calming energy. I convinced my husband to attend a class with me and he's now a member as well as our teenage daughter. Yoga provides us with a lot of balance to our busy lives and helps us connect as a family and with the Kula community."


“Beautiful sacred space with luscious yummy yoga classes and practice. Leaders are exceptional. Grateful Kula Yoga found me. Namaste."


“This place is fantastic! Great staff, excellent teachers, and a wide arrange of classes for all level yogis, whether you're brand new or a pro!"


"A studio is a studio and a mat is a mat, the people make the difference. Every one there is very easy to connect with, both instructors and students alike. I have found my yoga home. Many thanks to Chantal for her insight in the creation of Kula Yoga. I think anyone, anytime can find a class to fit their physical and spiritual needs. For all of this, I am grateful."


"This studio is amazing for all experience levels! The knowledgeable instructors are incredible and kind, and they can offer modifications to fit your abilities for your practice. The atmosphere is relaxing, yet provides an energy that surpasses all others! There are so many class and schedules offered. I encourage you to give it a try!!"