Virtual Sound Healing

Join Lisa Bozeman for a restful experience from the comfort of your own home. Possible benefits include lowered stress levels, rejuvenation, cleared energy, creative inspiration, improved sleep, and contentment.

Get some comfortable clothes on and prepare to set yourself up in a cozy supported savasana where you can completely relax. Turn your phone on silent. Put a 'Do not disturb' sign on the door. Grab all the pillow and blankets. Light a candle or apply some calming essential oils. Eye covering optional.

No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary to receive positive healing effects. Often the mind will try to understand or analyze what it is hearing but it doesn't take long to find a place similar to what you may experience in Yoga Nidra or Meditation.


$16 for members

Lisa Bozeman is an experienced Yoga teacher and Reiki Master specializing in the restorative arts and sound healing. She encourages students to develop their own inner awareness so yoga isn't defined as a pose but as an essence they can feel and translate into daily life.

Let's go!