Advanced Play

with Janet L. Friday, March 26 6:00-8:00pm

You asked and we're bringing it back!

Maybe you've been in a flow class and the teacher says a pose you've heard before. You look around the room to see what other people are doing and as you make an attempt at the shape, everyone is already moving on to the next pose.

This time, we'll take time to break down and practice common Inversions, like Downward-Facing Dog, Dolphin, Headstand, and Handstand.

Going upside down is NOT a requirement! There will be options and each yogi will get individual attention to support building strength and confidence on the mat. There will be plenty of time to watch, try, experience, and learn. Come play and explore in a laid-back learning environment.

Dive into the mechanics and grow your practice!

$35 $28 for members

Pre-registration required to keep class small, safe, and individualized.