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Hi there! Last Friday the studio transitioned to Kula yoga...

...and I've been working to keep up since! It's been so good connecting with you and I've been enjoying the process of growing into a leader of Kula yoga. As I lean into this new role, I thank you for your kind and encouraging words, smiles, messages, emails, and hugs! I'm so blessed. I hope you're having a restful Labor day weekend! We have two classes this morning (Monday) at 9:30, and then we'll close for the rest of the day. To see our schedule and book classes, search for "Kula yoga" in the Mindbody app (make sure it's the Kula yoga in Glendale, Arizona!) or click on the 'Schedule' tab here, then click on the 'Classes' tab. We're still working on making that process easier! If you're unable to book, come in for class anyway and we'll figure it out together. I'm not planning to cancel any classes last minute and there should be space for you- so no worries, love. This week, our schedule and class times will remain mostly unchanged. I'm so excited to introduce to you three teachers joining our crew this week to help us out while I'm out of town. Come say hi and help welcome them to our studio!

  • Teri will be filling in Wednesday, Sept. 6 for the 9:30 am Stretch, Core, Balance: Suitable for beginners class. I just know you'll love her! Some of you might recognize her from a fabulous oils workshop she taught at Y.O.G.A. for the Soul in the Spring. Starting Sept. 11th, she'll be teaching on Tues nights and Thurs mornings!

  • Sunnie will be filling in Thursday, Sept. 7 for the 4:00 Gentle class and then the 5:45 Mixed Levels. She's lovely and I can't wait for you to get to know her! Starting the week of Sept. 11, she'll be teaching classes Mon, Wed, and Fri.

  • Carolyn will be filling in Saturday, Sept. 9 for the Stretch, Core, Balance: Suitable for beginners class. She's such a sweetheart! The week of Sept. 11, she'll be on the new schedule leading a juicy Slow Flow on Fridays.

Hopefully you've heard about our new schedule, starting on Monday, September 11. We'll have an additional 8 classes a week, a whole new group of amazing teachers to join Emillie, Dianne, and me, and some new formats, like Kids yoga for ages 5-12, Yoga with a chair, and Flow and glow, to get us sweating a little. The class times are similiar, with some new early morning classes Tuesdays and a few more classes Friday and Saturday. All pricing is staying the same for now- YAY! As of now, the new schedule is only available to pick-up in the studio. I'm working to get the class descriptions written and get everything updated in Mindbody. Thank you for your patience! We'll also have a brand new front desk staff to help us check-in, purchase things in the studio, and answer questions. It may take a bit for some of the newness to work smoothly, but I'm excited for what's to come! Please feel free to reach out with feedback, comments, or questions and I'll do my best to get back to you quickly. Hope to see you soon! Love and light, Chantal

Some of our fab Kula yoga teachers

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