This isn't our first rodeo.

What's up!

Update: With Governor Ducey's Order yesterday, we've paused in-studio classes, starting today. We're so sad... but here we are, making the best of it! Side note: If you were signed up for a class in Mindbody this week, you should have gotten a cancellation email yesterday to let you know. Reply to this email if you didn't get one and we'll double check your information for you.

We've worked hard to update Mindbody to reflect a new facebook class schedule starting today for our Member Community Group. Luckily Robin and I can work while we sleep (hahaa... this isn't our first rodeo!). We hope you’ll join us on facebook, where we'll have 2-3 live classes each day with your favorite Kula teachers and over 100 saved yoga classes you can enjoy whenever you'd like! We're also excited to be planning some Kondensed classes (15-30 mins. long) for the busy, distracted, tired days. Remember, there's no need to sign up for these facebook classes, just join us when you can! PS I know that's not how you spell 'condensed'... I'm trying to be Klever. :)

It's so important for you to take care of your body + mind + spirit now more than ever and we're HERE FOR YOU. We're offering our Unlimited Membership for 1/2 off the first month and $75/month after that (usually $90), giving you access to the Member Community Group and all our in-studio classes when we're back in action again. (Either way this facebook group is here to stay!) Join in here before this Saturday, July 4th (the link only works in a web browser, not in the Mindbody app). Then go to facebook and request to join the group. Also, HAPPY 4th of July!

Need some accessories for your home practice... maybe some retail therapy? Come Stop and Shop Monday, July 6th! We'll have our retail space open 6-7pm for shopping in-studio (mask please!) or curb-side. You'll find comfy PI pants, Manduka yoga mats, yoga props for your home practice, locally made lotion, body wash, bath soak, and more... all for 30% off baby! You're welcome.

On a more random, free, and meditative note, I found this in an email newsletter I subscribe to called the Daily Brew (not an advertisement!)... a neat little web-based interactive illustration. It's pretty cool... check it out.

Praying for peace and wellness in our state, in our city, and in our hearts.


Studio mama