Update: Governor Ducey is now asking for Arizonians to wear a face covering when out in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state. Please wear a mask or face covering when coming in to the studio from now on, until further notice. You're welcome to take it off once you're in the yoga room, on your mat and able to observe social distancing. If you don't have access to a face covering and would like to use a disposable mask, they will be available, free of charge, at the front desk. (Side note: We understand a few may not be able to cover and we'll respect that. Please do your part if you are able.) Keep in mind:

  • If you're feeling unwell or if if someone you have been around has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home.

  • Use touchless hand sanitizer when you first come in and before you leave.

  • 20 seconds for hand washing.

  • Please be cautious and respectful! Air high-fives (Wi-Fives) only.

  • Keep a 6 feet bubble.

  • Avoid touching your face.

  • Sneeze/cough into your arm or a tissue.

  • Bring your own or purchase at the front desk (and support your local yoga studio!).

You can still join our Unlimited Membership, which includes all sorts of different classes you can do from home in our member facebook group AND the in studio classes! It's only $75 a month (normally $90)! Login to your Mindbody account to purchase, then request to join the group. Call or reply right to this email if you have any questions. I'm praying for you, your family, and our community during these weird times. Now more than ever, keep your yoga practice and your breath going strong.


Chantal Studio mama


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