Back in action! (Well halfway there...)


Update: We started last week with one class per day and we're JUST LOVING having you back in the studio! Boy oh boy did we miss you. As we all adjust to the new cleaning requirements, smaller class sizes, and social distancing measures, we want to THANK YOU for being patient and understanding. Our Kula is literally the best! This week, we added four more classes to the schedule and next week, another four. Many of our classes are full for next week already and we're doing our best to continue adding classes as the need continues. I can't tell you how amazing it is to have your support, whether in our Member Facebook Group or in the studio or both! To help keep our class sizes small and our reservations updated, we have been using Mindbody's Waitlist feature. Today we expanded the amount of people that can be on the Waitlist. Now, instead checking and rechecking for open spots in the schedule, when someone cancels their reservation, the next person in the Waitlist queue (what a weird word- I had to look up how to spell it!) will automatically receive an email notification and be added to the class list. Fancy right? Hopefully this is helpful! Remember, no need to sign up for our facebook classes. We have the sign-up feature turned off, even though it looks like those classes are full. Anyone in our Member Group can join in from home! A few important changes to our schedule starting June 1st: * Mon. and Thurs. 7pm classes with Jodi have been changed to 6pm. * Sat. 9:30am class with Jodi has been changed to 9am. You can still join our Unlimited Membership for access to over 100 classes in our private facebook group AND the in studio classes! It's only $75 a month and you can get your first month HALF OFF! Login to your Mindbody account to purchase your first month for $37.50, then request to join the group. Call or reply right to this email if you have any questions. If you haven't been in the studio yet, check out the details so you know what to expect when you're ready to come in. Be kind to another, darling. And don't forget to breathe. Love and light,

Chantal Studio mama