Slow and steady...


Update: We created a very shortened schedule for classes in the studio starting tomorrow, Monday the 18th. One class a day in the studio will give our front desk team an opportunity to adjust to the business CDC expectations and changes implemented around the studio. Our autopay members had the first opportunity to sign up first for classes and we were surprised to see that many classes were full in a few days. A great problem to have for us! :) We know it can be frustrating to see the classes full when you've been waiting for so long to get back into the studio. We're doing our best to slowly incorporate more classes, taking into account our enhanced cleaning checklist, teachers and desk team members' schedules, and our community's preferences. It's a heavy responsibility to be opening in this climate and we want to be sure we're being careful and mindful. Keep checking the schedule for updates starting next week. If you were able to snag a spot, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible if you find you're not able to come to class. This will open up a spot for someone else to join us. You can also call/text/email to let us know. When coming in to the studio:

  • If you're feeling unwell, please stay home. If someone you have been around with has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home. More details on the CDC website.

  • Use touchless hand sanitizer at the desk when you first come in and before you leave.

  • 20 minutes for handwashing- just kidding. 20 seconds is sufficient. :)

  • Please be cautious! Air high-fives (Wi-Fives) only. No hugs, high fives, chest bumps, kissing, etc. :)

  • Respect the 6 feet bubble.

  • Avoid touching your face.

  • You're welcome to wear a mask if you'd like.

  • We'll be diffusing Therapeutic-Grade Thieves Essential Oil.

  • Card only accepted at the desk. No cash.

  • A front desk team member will check you in for class.

  • No props will be available- please feel free to bring your own or purchase your own at the front desk.

  • All classes in the studio will be in the larger yoga room, Grounded.

  • Please put the top of your mat on one of our mat markers.

  • We'll keep the yoga room door by the props open for airflow.

We've had some Groupon and Newbie special purchasers ask if they can finish or restart their special. I look forward to honoring these when we're able to open up more spots in our class schedule. In the meantime, if you'd like to use your Groupon or Newbie special to try out our Member Facebook Group, reply to this email and then request to join the group. If you'd rather wait for in-studio classes, we thank you for your patience and understanding. Remember, we're continuing our sweet deal to join our Unlimited Membership, including our Kula Member Community Group on facebook and our in-studio classes! We have over 85 posted classes of all kinds you can pull up whenever you want and 2 live classes each day with Kula teachers. No need to sign up for these! Just join us from your home! It's only $75 a month, with your first month HALF OFF! Login to your Mindbody account, then request to join our facebook group. Call or reply right to this email if you have any questions. All the love, Chantal Studio mama