Happy social distancing!

Oh hi!

Happy Social Distancing. ;) I hope you're doing well in the midst of this craziness. Things are SO WEIRD right? I find myself saying that over and over these days. Update: with Governor Ducey's recent "Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay connected" Executive order for Arizona, we will continue to offer online classes only through the month of April. We will reevaluate as we go and keep you informed through email and social media. Hopefully by now you've heard about our rad new Kula Member Community Group on facebook! 2 live yoga classes each day and even some new stuff, like kounselor korner with Jennifer, starting next Friday! Don't we all need a word from our resident yoga teacher and therapist. Amen and amen. You can view the updated schedule from week to week in Mindbody still. No need to sign up for these classes! Just show up from wherever you are! We've decided we LOVE bringing yoga right into your homes and having a place on facebook for our members to gather has been so sweet. This is definitely going to be something we keep up with, even after we're back in action at the studio! Maybe you couldn't get a babysitter... got out of work late... laundry day and no yoga clothes clean? No worries- we've got a whole library full of classes for you to enjoy from home! If you don't have an Autopay Membership, we reeeeaaally want you join in our online community! So we've discounted our Unlimited Membership from $90 to $75, just for now! Same details as always... auto-pay, same day, same amount until you cancel, no minimum commitment, 1 week minimum notice to cancel, no fees or fuss and 20% off workshops, events, & retail! Visit our website to purchase or call us at 623-336-5852. We also have some *free* classes on our Kula facebook page and right here. Of course we have NO IDEA how long we'll have to stay closed, but you better believe we're making the best of it. I'm so thankful we have teachers willing to change their whole way teaching and members that are continuing to help us support their efforts and pay the rest of our bills! As people have been saying in our facebook group, KULA STRONG, baby. We're in this together. We understand this can be a really difficult time financially. If you have a membership and can't continue, we're offering a month-to-month pause for as long as you need. This will allow you to keep your current rate and start back up again when you're ready. Just reply to this email to let me know and include your first and last name. If you had a Newbie special or Groupon when this drama started, please know that I foresee all sorts of restarts and redos when we're back in action again! (I CAN'T WAIT.) If you were looking forward to or even registered for one of our events, we're working to contact each of you and plan to reschedule when it seems safe to gather again in person. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to yours, for being a part of our Kula. Sending you a smile, healthy vibes, and a whole lotta love!

Chantal Studio mama