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Oh hiiii! Sharing this from a sweet studio my sisterinlaw attends in Santa Barbara, Divinitree... The Art of At-Home Yoga: How to create the best at-home yoga experience A lot of things are changing: the typical places we all go to to work, learn, move our bodies, eat, or just blow-off-steam are closing. So how do we transition between such different activities all in one place? How do we turn off work-mode or Netflix-and-couch mode and get into the yoga mindset to get all the benefits of these online classes? Well have no fear. Here are our top tips for creating the space you need to get in some much-needed movement and inner peace. Set aside the time. Joining a live class holds you accountable. Being at home all day, it's easy to put off self-care practices. Next thing you know its 9pm, you're exhausted, and yoga is just not going to happen. Virtually attending a scheduled class helps you get into a habit of getting in your yoga. Plus, you still get to practice with your community and favorite teachers! It feels so good to know that even while we may feel alone, we're still here for each other. Change into different clothes. You may be tempted to do your yoga in your pjs/work clothes/towel/robe/naked (We don’t judge). However, physically changing into different clothes for your yoga practice will give your body and mind the hint that you’re doing something different now. This will better prepare you for completely settling into your yoga session. Set the mood. What would make your yoga practice feel special and like you’re really having some you-time? Candles? Dimmed lights? Heater on? Wireless headphones in? Go all out. Do what you need to do to tune out everything and set the physical space to your preferred yoga ambiance. Again, even though you may be at home, this creates physical markers that you’re dropping into a different mental space. Silence all electronics. Make this your time to switch off and disconnect. Online classes may feel like you’re still connected to the buzz of calls, emails, social media, etc., but treat it as any regular yoga session. Make sure your phone ringer is off (heck, maybe even turn your phone off) and set your computer to Do-Not-Disturb; silence all those notifications and electronics. Would you answer a text during Savasana? No? Then try not to do it at home either. Let people know you’re taking a yoga class. If you live with others, let them know you’ll be unavailable for the 35-45 minutes class is in session. If you can, go into a room where other people won’t be, and kindly request that they don’t come in during that time. Let this be your time! Get creative with props! No access to our props? No problem! You can still modify your poses. Get creative: use books for blocks, pillows for bolsters, and belts or bath-robe ties for straps. Want a relaxing eye-pillow for Savasana? Fill a clean sock with about 1/2 cup of lentils or rice and knot the end shut. Experiment with a couple drops of your favorite essential oils if you feel like it - go wild! Don’t be hard on yourself. With all the above said, it’s not going to be perfect. And that’s more than okay! Don’t beat yourself up or take it too seriously. Yoga is all about finding inner peace, and that comes from acceptance and lightheartedness. So maybe your dog comes sniffing on your mat. Or your child is curious as to what you’re doing and peeps in. Take a breath, embrace it, and yoga on! Enjoy! You’re doing your best to manage all of the changing circumstances happening in the world right now. Now it’s your time to do what you need to do to feel good in your body and mind. You can’t show up for others if you’re not showing up for yourself, so really make sure you’re honoring your you-time. Take care of yourself, love.

Chantal Studio mama


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