What yoga means to me... From, Becky

We hope you had a restful Memorial Day, enjoying our freedom to play and to rest! We have much to be grateful for, especially those that have fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. So here we are and it's Tuesday but it feels like a Monday! Weird but it's a short week, so I'll take it! Speaking of weird... THIS WEATHER. Do we still live in the valley of the sun? I'm unsure. Not complaining. Just confused hahaa! Becky, our fabulous Sunday front desk guru, wife, mom, and dedicated yogini is sharing her thoughts on yoga with us today: Yoga. Not just a fad-ulous exercise regimen, but as anyone who practices knows, an experience to creatively express life through one’s own sense of being. Through one’s body, one accesses the mental chatter of the ego. Through one’s conscious efforts of noticing that chatter, one soothes the body by releasing the hold it has. This magical little trick is not just an exercise, it’s a spiritual practice, a way of life. A lifestyle which assists one in remaining more conscious and yogic in all happenings throughout the day. This is yoga to me. This is how I transform; from the inside. From the gentle guidance to go within, I discover little crevices which have not seen the light of awareness in quite some time. I am giving myself the opportunity to shine upon myself love and inspiration, fulfilling my purpose of being in this magical vessel. With each conscious breath, I release a piece of pain or frustration and I soften into feeling alive and well. I feel freedom. Joy. Lightness. Complete vibrancy. There’s a type of liberation one cannot achieve in any other way than to just become a being of allowance. To allow guidance from another. To allow yourself the gift of opening to possibilities you never thought you’d achieve. To experience, firsthand, the amazing capabilities of the human body when the mind is freed from its judgments and limitations, even if just for a moment. To go about daily life with a greater sense of ease and confidence, strength and flexibility; mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically. To realize the truly holistic nature of self and to enjoy all of life’s magic from the perspective of one’s own alchemical abilities. To truly honor one’s self is to give gratitude and grace and to accept where one is at in each moment. To do this is to also realize the ability we have to extend this to others. To truly embody the “namaste life” of a yogi. Yoga teaches us to ebb and flow through each moment. We may not always succeed as expected, but it then allows us to see the opportunity needed for more growth and mastery. We never stop growing. We never stop mastering the moment, so long as we’re conscious in our efforts. Yoga teaches us that. There’s always a new moment to unfold and to become yet another best version of self. To love, accept, allow and honor self. To do the same for another. To realize this aspect is the foundation of community and wholeness. Yoga allows me to literally fold and kiss my knees. A few months ago, maybe even weeks ago, that was not physically possible for me. Yoga allows me to achieve maximum blood flow to my head through inverting my body into a headstand. Definitely not something I imagined I had the ability to do, yet I built that ability through a regular practice. Yoga has taught me my imperfections can be more closely perfected through effort, yet, I’m exactly where I need to be, just as I am. Yoga has allowed me to gauge which areas of my body and mind are too rigid for my liking, and which areas need me to demonstrate more love within myself and with the world around me. Yoga teaches me to give grace and to honor all and their own journey just as I would want my own honored. Yoga has helped me develop a greater sense of self value and worth. This is a very important lesson for me. How? I have no idea. It just has. Other yogis have mentioned to me I have a “yoga mentality” and until I really delved into yoga on a regular basis, being held accountable for my participation by taking classes rather than just trying to practice at home. I get it now. My hope is that you discover what yoga means to you and that you share that discovery with an open heart. For yourself and for the collective. Our planet needs all the yogis it can get! Namaste, Becky. Love and light, Chantal


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