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I want to share with you about our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course, starting in August! We've had some interest lately and I can't wait to get planning. This 200-hour course course is the minimum requirement recognized by YogaAlliance to be a Certified Yoga Teacher. Christy Burnette's program explores the world of yoga and encourages each yogi to find their own unique voice, style and focus area, whether you plan to share yoga or deepen your own practice, or both! Learn asana, meditation, philosophy, pranayama, alignment, sequencing, Sanskrit, yoga anatomy, and more! $400 to save your spot. Click the photo below for more details. Heather graduated from our last YTT in December. (See photos below from our Graduation Ceremony.) She says, "Not only has my practice changed, but my life has changed. There is a new level of trust in myself, and in the chaos of life. I can’t go a day without incorporating some sort of an asana practice and I’ve come back to other limbs of my yogic practice that I enjoyed previously. I am meditating, chanting, singing, finding inspirational readings and connecting with my higher self. I have lost 20 pounds since we started in August and I attribute this to these practices and the sense of self that the ongoing practice of yogaprovides. I am living my practice and it has reshaped my physical and mental self. I know I am not as comfortable with leading an asana practice as I’d like to be. I will gain more confidence as I continue my own practice and take other classes. When we were asked to observe and assist, I got those items checked off my list as soon as possible. I didn’t want those items to be what “kept me” from earning my certification. I look forward to assisting and observing with a keener eye and working closely with a mentor now that I’ve come this far. I welcome the journey and this life-long learning process as a yoga teacher. Yep, I said it, although it still feels a little awkward." Thank you, Heather for taking this deep journey with us and we're excited for you to continue growing as a Yoga Teacher! With love, Chantal