New flooring fun!

Can I first say, thank you for taking time to read this! I've had so many people mention to me how much they appreciate my random thoughts and it means so much. Love you! So... we've been discussing this idea of community... what it is, why it's important, ideas for you to be a part of our Kula community, and how to deal when it's tough or people are mean. (If you missed the emails, you can check them out on our website blog page!). Two weekends ago we closed down the studio to put in new flooring... maybe you've heard the story behind it... maybe not... maybe you've heard it a kajillion times. But you guys, God did some serious blessing and providing through our community and I want to (re)share the details. THIS IS COMMUNITY. A fellow yoga teacher, Jen Cecil, came to our Spring Open House in March and introduced herself to me. She said she was interested in teaching at Kula possibly and we kept in touch for a few months through email. Then she came to our Earth Day Yoga in the Park and she asked if there was something she could pray for with the studio... and I told her I was praying for someone to bless us with a new, not stained, not stinky, not 15 years old flooring... 1,300 square feet of it! After our conversation, I remember thinking, "Of all the things going on at the studio, the first thing that comes to mind is our FLOOR?! Seriously, Chantal?!" I ran into Jen again a few weeks later at a yoga event and she tells me she was blessed with some funds and wanted to give them to us to pay for a new floor. I ran to the bathroom and cried as I tried not to get my hopes up in case it didn't work out! Fast forward two months or so and we were able to find Anaya's husband who was willing to lay the flooring for "whatever we could afford," God bless him, and a few friends to help make it happen. The flooring cost used most of the fund we were given so we tried to be as cost-effective as possible. I was ready to work all weekend! And I did, alongside so many amazing, kind, hard-working people: Thank you to Casey who was an awesome foreman and worked non-stop with such a positive spirit for like 20+ hours in three days and my husband, Joe who jumped into help last minute, all weekend long! Thank you, Jen for donating the flooring and making this whole thing possible!! Also many thanks to Mary Kate, Aimee, Cybill, Jeff, Bob, Robin, Anaya, Linda and her three kids, and Connie for coming to help move all of our stuff around for us (apparently we have a lot of it hahaa)! Also also thanks to Tim, Tina’s contractor friend for giving us the advice we needed to take the ceiling down in Centered IN ONE DAY and John, Bob, Robin, Joe, Ricky, Dan, Mike, and Christian for making it happen. Thank you, Austin for helping Casey on your day off, Ricky for single-handedly doing most of the lobby floor himself, and Dan for creatively finding all the solutions! Thanks, Bev for bringing us coffee and Anaya for picking out boards for us and Danie for spending your Sunday night mopping to make sure the studio is ready for Monday morning yoga. I've never loved a floor so much! Because of all the blood, sweat, and tears (LITERALLY) it represents. And because of how quickly and tangibly God provided for us. And because of how giving so many people were that weekend to support our Kula. Check out a few of the photos I took below! We're so blessed, Chantal