When community is hard...

A few weeks ago we were talking about community... what it is, why it's important, and ideas for you to be a part of our Kula community. (If you missed the email, you can check it out on our website blog page!) If we're being honest, sometimes being in a community with close relationships can get messy, complicated, awkward, and confusing. We know community is important, so how do we navigate the hard things? Maybe life is just CrAzY right now. Or maybe you're going through something. Or you're out of town a lot. I totally understand... I haven't been in class much at all lately and boy do I miss it. I feel like I'm less connected with you guys and our teachers when I'm not enjoying yoga with you all on a regular basis. But I just had some fun dental experiences and I had to rest for a week and now I'm working on training some new front desk team members. Life happens. Find other ways to stay connected! Social media is great for this. Texting, phone calling, and emailing is great for this. A little coffee date is great for this. Last weekend, we closed down for renovations (more about that next time!!) and I heard a group of yogis talking about getting together for lunch since we didn't have class. Brilliant! What if you step outside of your comfort zone to get to know someone better and you get shot down, or worse, they hurt your feelings? You guys, this will happen. You and your vibe aren't meant for everyone and this is okay. Also maybe it's not YOU. We're not perfect and there's NO WAY our relationships can be. It could be that the other person that had a bad day or has something on their mind. Do something kind for them! Smile at them! Make a joke or say something funny! Possibly you feel like you just don't have time, energy, or cares. It's okay! Relationships are not easy, especially as adults. We have reeeaaally complicated lives and most of us are just trying to balance it all and stay sane... work, health, family, finances, spirituality, shaving our legs (WHYYY?), laundry, checking the mail... it's not easy, so give yourself and others some grace. And just keep trying to find ways to connect in our community in a personal way. It may not be deep and life-affirming at first, but keeping working at it and it will grow, just like a tiny seed planted in fertile soil. It's worth it because we need each other.


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