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Fireworks and freedom week!

Hopefully you've noticed our weekly schedule has a few changes this week for the 4th of July holiday on Wednesday. The changes affectTuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 'cause people around here want to fit in their fireworks AND their grill out! Thanks for understanding. Visit our website for the live schedule or check it out in the free Mindbody app! If you are an Apple device user, please note the cancelled classes may not show up as cancelled, but instead it will say "Call" instead of the normal "Sign up". "Call" usually means the class is full or not offered. Mindbody has been working on this issue for two months now, so hopefully it will (some day) be fixed! Maybe you haven't been in the studio for a LONG time! Or maybe never? You might be eligible for our Newbie Special... 2 weeks of as much yoga as you want for $20! Come in around 20 minutes before class and we'll get you all set up. Have a safe and happy 4th of July! Love and light, Chantal


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Classes are open!

The schedule is updated and ready for you to sign up for class! WHOOHOOOO! Thank you for your support... you've made it possible for us to keep going and we're beyond grateful. What to expect... Th


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