So many good things!

How are you? Because I can be -ahem- wordy sometimes... I'm going bulleted-list on this one. You're welcome. Things I'm excited about:

  • Another business in our complex had a SERIOUS plumbing and sewage problem yesterday and we were called to double check that it didn't affect us. Thank God we're good-to-go! Literally.

  • Our teachers are just the best aren't they? They're so good at finding someone to fill in when they're sick or have a conflict... some studios have to cancel classes and I'm proud to say we rarely do that!

  • Sonia's Warrior Strength workshop was a huge success. I learned some seriously helpful tips for my hips! (I love that I rhymed there.)

  • We already have 5 yogis registered for Christy's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training starting in August. I can't wait to watch them grow and learn together!

  • Have you seen our new cute "YOGA" flag blowing in the breeze on 51st Avenue? Next time you drive by, say "Hi" to her! ;)

  • Kids yoga is BACK! Just in the mornings in June... look for other times in July.

  • I've been hearing SO MANY amazing stories about how yoga is literally changing people's lives lately... from helping with anxiety and stress to back and neck issues. Did you know it would so super help us if you left us a review? Often new people look at reviews before they even decide if they want to try out our classes. Visit our page on Yelp here if you're a Yelper, on Google if that's better, or even facebook would rock! Thank you so much!

We now have THREE Monthly Memberships. Because life is crazy enough as it is without trying to figure out when you last bought whatever and how many you have left! We still have our Unlimited Membership for $80 and our 5 Classes Every Month Membership for $40. NOW we have an inbetween option... a NEW 10 Class Membership for $60! All three memberships are auto-pay, once a month and can be purchased online or in the studio. Start them any day you want, no sign up fee or cancellation fee (remember life is already crazy). Enjoy 20% off all retail products, massages, and events/workshops! Please note: the 25 class package will be discontinued starting June 1st because no one buys it. :)

You help make everyday amazing.

All the love, Chantal

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