Sending love from the ocean!

hey, Kula!

I'm writing from the cute little beach town of Oceanside in California. Would you believe we came for a little weekend trip with friends and here we still are on Wednesday? Our truck broke down 20 minutes from our destination Friday night and, well, we've been stuck here ever since, waiting on the parts to be shipped and repair shops to open after the weekend. Honestly, there are worse places in the world to be "stuck" so we're making the best of it! And what a great opportunity to get some office work done! You know, we have some sweet opportunities coming up I just can't wait to tell you about. Check out what's up around the studio below. Also, you can always visit our website for updated information:, call us when we have classes going on to ask questions or register, or stop in for more information! Have you heard about the 108 Sun Salutes Fundraiser we're doing March 20th? Well, Robin (one of our front desk wonder women) came to me with the idea back in January of doing 108 Sun Salutations. Then Teri came to me with the same idea. Then I found online that it's common to celebrate the first day of Spring, while also drawing awareness to the social injustice of Sex trafficking. Hanan is passionate about this and just began supporting a local shelter, StreetlightUSA, with her blue "Shine Your Light" tank tops she has been selling. So I KNEW this was meant to be for our kula. Starting last week, every BASICS and FLOW class on the weekly schedule began helping our bodies and minds prepare for 108 Sun Salutations. It's important that we all find ways to flow through our Sun Salutation in a way that works for our own body, props and modifications welcome! Downdog is too much? Child's pose instead! Plank doesn't work? Try knees down! There are so many benefits to doing those poses, and then doing them again and again! Find more information here. Have a great week!


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