the Kula news, vol. 10

Hello Kula yoga! How are you? Can you believe January is, like, almost over already? What. Is. Happening. It seems the more fun I have working, the faster the time goes by! Thank you so much to everyone that was involved in our Wellness Week, from the amazing and wise speakers to Ken Iverson for bringing his awesome drums to the park for us Saturday. There are a few fun photos from the week below! Housekeeping note: Kula yoga is updating Waiver Agreeement files in Mindbody, starting in February. This should only affect you if your first class at the studio was before September 1, 2017, when Kula yoga started. Starting Feb 1st, when you go to Kula yoga on the Mindbody app, use our website, or check-in at the studio, you will be prompted to read the Kula yoga Waiver Agreement and then check the box to approve. Simple as that! You will only need to do this once and we shouldn't ever need to ask you again! Thank you in advance for helping us update and streamline our records. Sweet stuff and news: We've changed around a few things in the weekly schedule and will continue making a few changes in the coming weeks! Due to low interest, we've taken off the 8:00am Tues/Thurs classes. We have two NEW Sunday classes at 2:30pm... free for the taking, just this Sunday! Cybill, a new teacher, but a regular yogi at the studio, will be joining our talented teaching crew on Monday nights! Please view our live changes on our website or in the free Mindbody app. We're challenging you to get in some extra Tender Loving Care to kick off the month of February! The TLC Yoga Challenge starts Feb 1st and the goal is to take 14 yoga classes in 14 days. You can totally do it! Your body, mind, and spirit will THANK YOU! If you finish on or before Valentine's day, we have some sweet prizes we'll put in a gift bag just for your pampering needs. Are you a yoga teacher or do you know one? Kula yoga is starting a group, just for teachers of yoga that have either graduated from a 200-hour program OR hold a paid position teaching yoga. It's called Kulaborate: Yoga Teacher Mastermind Group. Our first meeting is Sat, Feb 3rd from 6:00-7:30pm! I'm so excited about it, you guys. Bring a partner to our Partner Thai Bodywork Workshop with Hanan! Or grab one at the workshop! Learn and practice techniques that you can use to bring loving kindness and healing into the bodies of your loved ones. This is a guided massage/stretching experience and it will be amazing! No experience required. Next time you're in the studio, you'll see some little bags with hearts and our yoga teachers' names on them, hanging in the hallway. Let's encourage and love on our teachers in the next few weeks! There are little index cards for you to write on, and then drop it in the bag on your way in or out. I think they'll really appreciate it! See ya soon. Have a blessed day! Chantal Kula yoga Glendale, AZ 623.336.5852