Kula is a word in Sanskrit that can be translated to mean tribe, community, or family. We're a relaxed, people-centered yoga studio in Glendale, with classes and events for any body 7 days a week.

Our mission is to be a comfortable and encouraging environment for any body to feel welcome, included, capable, and challenged. We provide opportunities to hang out with other cool, like-minded people, grow in wellness in body + mind + spirit, and spread peace to that crazy world out there.

We have a roomy hang out area, two large restrooms, a small retail shop, and two yoga rooms in a fresh and comfortable space.

People love our variety of formats, knowledgeable teachers, and flexible schedule. 

Events and workshops


Understanding Your Spine In your practice

In this workshop, you are going to learn:

-Spine anatomy and movements
-How to move the lumbar spine safely (extension, flexion, lateral bend, rotation)
-Practice healthy forward bends (seated forward bends, standing forward bends)
-Practice healthy backbends (Sphinx, Seal, Cobra, Up Dog, Camel, Bridge, Up Bow)
-Activate deep core muscles to stabilize your lumbar region (multifidus, QL, TA, diaphragm, psoas)

Yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance will receive 2 hrs CEU's


With Linda

October 15th



Child's Pose

Chakra Balancing 

Join Jodi and Breanna for this 2 hour chakra balancing workshop where you will learn about the chakras and the many ways you can open and balance these energy points. 

Practice yoga asana to support and help heal each of the 7 chakras, explore aromatherapy and essential oils that correspond with each chakra, and be guided through a chakra color meditation along with singing bowls in the frequencies associated with each of the chakras.

Each participant with receive a free chakra gift along with a handout with an overview of the information discussed.

all levels/beginner friendly

With jodi & Breanna

November 5th

11:00 -1:00pm


Glow and Flow

All levels welcome for a fun 1.5 hr class
Practice in the dark and flow while glowing in blacklight.
Wear white and/neon clothes and accessories.
Glow necklaces/bracelets will be included.

Feel free to bring accessories or body/face paint and have a blast!

With jodi

November 19th



glow and flow.jpg

Yoga for core integirty

Core stability is an essential part of a
healthy lifestyle.
But what is the Core and how do we strengthen it?

The core muscles are a complex group of muscles, and the spine’s primary stabilizers.
Weak core muscles can make one more susceptible to poor posture, back pain, and injuries during activity.
In this workshop we will identify ‘core muscles’, and practice movements to train the muscles to work together in functional patterns on and off our mats.

With donna

December 3rd

11:00- 1:00pm


All levels sound bath meditation

Sound healing is a practice that uses different aspects of music as a form of therapy, by using vibrational frequencies of various instruments to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Yogi relaxes in a reclining position - often supported in savasana and allows the healing sounds to bathe over them.

Can help in healing, pain control, and mood regulation.

With jodi

January 21st 

11:30 - 1:00


Sound Bath.jpg