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Kula is a word in Sanskrit that can be translated to mean tribe, community, or family. We're a relaxed, people-centered yoga studio in Glendale, with classes and events for any body 7 days a week.

Our mission is to be a comfortable and encouraging environment for any body to feel welcome, included, capable, and challenged. We provide opportunities to hang out with other cool, like-minded people, grow in wellness in body + mind + spirit, and spread peace to that crazy world out there.

We have a roomy hang out area, two large restrooms, a small retail shop, and two yoga rooms in a fresh and comfortable space.

People love our variety of formats, knowledgeable teachers, and flexible schedule. 

Events and workshops


Healthy Back, Open Heart

This workshop will utilize a variety of techniques - including heart-centered guided meditation, core integration, hip, shoulder, and heart openers - to help you move safely and joyfully into a deeper back bending, heart opening practice. We will discuss the functional anatomy and physiology of movement and asana that help support stability, ease, and opening more deeply.

Teachers receive 2 CE for Yoga Alliance.

Friday April 26th
6:00pm $30
With Jodi
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Friday May  17th
6:00pm $30
With Linda

Fascia Release for Your Whole Body 

Ever wondered why touching your toes feels elusive or why that deep ache persists in muscles or joints?


It could be tight, misaligned fascia, not just muscles. Your body houses an extensive 3D network of connective tissue called fascia—made of collagen and elastin fibers, allowing flexibility and adaptability. Misaligned fascia leads to restrictions and chronic conditions, often aggravated by poor posture.


This two-hour self-fascia release practice aims to alleviate muscle knots, decrease soreness, enhance range of motion, and promote better posture. Post practice, you will experience a profound overall body relaxation.


Living Your Yoga Off The Mat

This two hour workshop is for students and teachers alike who are interested in learning about how yoga is more than just a physical practice.


This interactive discussion will explore the yogic philosophy of Patanjali's 8-limb path with a focus on the first two limbs - Yamas and Niyamas, as well as subtle bodies - Panchamaya koshas.


Acquire a knowledge of how you can practice the yoga philosophy off your your mat and bring it into your daily life by "living your yoga".

Teachers receive 2 hours CE with Yoga Alliance.

Friday June 21st 
6:00pm $35
With Jodi
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