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Kula is a word in Sanskrit that can be translated to mean tribe, community, or family. We're a relaxed, people-centered yoga studio in Glendale, with classes and events for any body 7 days a week.

Our mission is to be a comfortable and encouraging environment for any body to feel welcome, included, capable, and challenged. We provide opportunities to hang out with other cool, like-minded people, grow in wellness in body + mind + spirit, and spread peace to that crazy world out there.

We have a roomy hang out area, two large restrooms, a small retail shop, and two yoga rooms in a fresh and comfortable space.

People love our variety of formats, knowledgeable teachers, and flexible schedule. 

Events and workshops


Swifties Yoga

Join us for an all levels friendly yoga class including Taylor Swift playlist, party lights, and decorations. You dont need to be a "Swiftie" to join in on the fun and share your energy with the group. Come ready to move your body, sing along with your favorite songs, exchange friendship bracelets, and get into the flow with friends. 

Friday Feb 23rd
6:30pm $25
With Jodi
Register Here

Yin for Neck and Shoulders

In our daily jobs and lives, we often bear significant stress in the neck and shoulder area. Tension in these muscles can result in headaches, shallow breathing, and limited range of motion. This thoughtfully designed Yin yoga sequence is tailored to alleviate muscle tension, improve posture, relieve neck discomfort, and gently stretch and release tight shoulders. Engaging in this sequence can contribute to a more relaxed and comfortable neck and shoulder experience.

Before signing up for this practice, consult your doctor if you are currently experiencing neck or shoulder pain.


Friday March 22nd
6:00pm $30
With Linda

Mala Making

Learn to create your own beautiful mala at this fun workshop with Emily.

Learn about the history and meaning behind the mala, how to make one with intention, and how to meditate with your finished piece.

All materials included and lots of bead options offered.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday April 13th
1:00pm $55
With Emily
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