Kula is a word in Sanskrit that can be translated to mean tribe, community, or family. We're a relaxed, people-centered yoga studio in Glendale, with classes and events for any body 7 days a week.

Our mission is to be a comfortable and encouraging environment for any body to feel welcome, included, capable, and challenged. We provide opportunities to hang out with other cool, like-minded people, grow in wellness in body + mind + spirit, and spread peace to that crazy world out there.

We have a roomy hang out area, two large restrooms, a small retail shop, and two yoga rooms in a fresh and comfortable space.

People love our variety of formats, knowledgeable teachers, and flexible schedule. 

Events and workshops


Sound Healing

With jodi 

September 10th

11:00- 12:30pm


All levels

Sound healing is a practice that uses different aspects of music as a form of therapy, by using vibrational frequencies of various instruments to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Yogis relax in a reclining position - often supported in savasana and allows the healing sounds to bathe over them.

With Linda

October 15th

11:00- 1:00pm


The spinal column provides both structural and nervous system support for your entire body. The neutral curve in your lumbar region is the most relaxed and efficient state for a human being to be.


In this workshop, you are going to learn:

-Spine anatomy and movements
-How to move the lumbar spine safely (extension, flexion, lateral bend, rotation)
-Practice healthy forward bends (seated forward bends, standing forward bends)
-Practice healthy backbends (Sphinx, Seal, Cobra, Up Dog, Camel, Bridge, Up Bow)
-Activate deep core muscles to stabilize your lumbar region (multifidus, QL, TA, diaphragm, psoas)

Yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance will receive 2 hrs CEU's